Why don't you just aim for my heart?

Why did he have to be a blue-eyed blonde sharp shooter? I could have resisted if he lacked any one of these traits. Shut up, take my money. You win Solmare. You win! Welcome to Naked Love, this is my tribute to Billy from NTT Solmare's Otome game, Shall we Date?: Hero in Love.

I refuse to promise that this tribute will be anything spectacular (save for the gloriouness of Billy). The unbiased truth is that I adore Billy for his pretty blonde hair, his clear blue eyes, and his stereotypical cowboy-ness. Therefore this tribue is hilariously shameless and full of happy squeeing from yours truly. I refuse to be ashamed of things I love. In particular, Billy features several traits that I find naturally charming in men and I just couldn't help it.

New to Hero in Love? Here's the official description, "When you (a player) returned home there was no sign of your father. Then you heard the doorbell rang, it was an inspector from Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). He told you about your father's secret - he was being in a mission related to national secrets; he had been abducted and you would be the next target. That revelation was a shock to you, but you decided to rescue your father with supernatural powers from MPD. You are going to be involved in a romance with a hero as well as a battle with an international crime syndicate." Not interested yet? Don't worry, I wasn't either at first.

Navigation is on the lower left under the site title, Naked Love. Please remember as you browse, I've promised only shameless squeeing.

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